Air Quality

Are You Searching for Air Purification Near Union, NJ?

Union Heat helps you make the quality of air inside your home safer, comfortable, and pollutant-free. We can assist you in installing the most suitable system for your home environment including, humidifiers, air purification, and filtration units.


A balanced humidity level of indoor air makes it easier to breathe as well as prevent frequent allergies and colds. If you are someone who is a victim of dry indoor air associated with parched skin, chapped lips, and never-ending respiratory issues, a humidifier from Union Heat is the perfect solution for you. Our expert technicians can restore your home’s humidity to a comfortable level by assessing the air quality and installing the correct sort of humidifier. You can also receive humidifier repair or maintenance service at Union Heat to ensure that your humidifier serves you for a long time.

Air Purification

Air purifiers are a great way of combating the pollutants commonly present in our home atmosphere. Here at Union Heat, we understand the significance of healthy and unpolluted indoor air quality, especially in these testing times of the Covid pandemic. We proudly offer the installation and servicing of some of the most efficient air purifying systems including, UV lights and iWave-R air purifying systems. Give yourself peace of mind and a sigh of relief with this world’s first self-cleaning iWave-R system that purifies the air of bacteria, mold, and viruses. As its certified providers, we vouch for its effectiveness!

Air Filtration

At Union Heat, we strive to ensure a cleaner, healthier home environment that is devoid of mold, germs, and seasonal allergens by delivering air filtration services. The right type of air filter is the preferred choice for cleansing the air in your home to improve sustainability. We offer installation and maintenance of whole-house HEPA filtration systems that provide full-spectrum air cleaning. So if you intend to upgrade the air quality of your home, consult Union Heat. We will set up, repair, or replace the correct air filtration system for you.