Benefit Plan

Having a malfunctioning heater right in the midst of a chilly night or an air-conditioning unit that starts acting up when it’s 100 degrees outside are some extremely unsavory experiences that can be avoided by signing up for Union Heat Benefit Plans. Our benefit plans are designed to prioritize your comfort, your savings, and in-time assistance for your appliances’ repair and maintenance service.

The Union Heat Benefit Plans include Basic Plan, Covered Plan, and Solid Plan, covering air conditioning units, gas heating, and oil heaters so that you can enjoy these necessities without worrying about unexpected repair costs and saving thousands in the future.

As a Basic Plan subscriber, you are entitled to a complimentary annual visit for Precision Tune-ups. Furthermore, you can get your repair work or diagnostic visit at a 15% discount and an extended warranty period of 18 months on most repair parts.

Solid Plan is even better! Along with a complimentary annual Precision Tune-up visit, you get to enjoy 50% off on diagnostic visits, an equipment parts warranty of 2-years, and a 20% discount for all the labor and replacement parts.

Covered Plan is the best of all and comes with a free diagnostic visit, a Precision Tune-up, and also covers most replacement parts.

So, contact us today to subscribe to any of our Benefits Plan and get the long-term advantage of priority service and financial savings.